Connect 2 Build, LLC

Wood and Steel Stud Framing

​​​Connect 2 Build, LLC Continues to Grow in the

Prescott & Sedona Markets and Expands to

the Payson Market

We are so pleased with our increased presence and growth in the Prescott and Sedona areas and are thrilled to now be building in the Payson market.  We have great partnerships in all of those areas and look forward to continuing to serve those communities in the way of framing, siding, window installation, and decks.

We Now Offer Commercial Wood Framing,

Metal Framing & Drywall

Connect 2 Build, LLC has always specialized in custom residential wood framing, however, we are now pleased to offer builders commercial wood framing, metal framing, and drywall services. We have the capability of covering both IT's and larger scope projects which makes it easier for builders to work with fewer trades and have less paperwork for their projects.